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Support Doula Training, Certification, Registration


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We know that women of color -- specifically black women, who are 243 % more likely die due to childbirth related causes than white women -- are at risk for poor birth outcomes. We also know that doulas can help improve these outcomes (the evidence is clear!), especially when birth support is culturally congruent with the birthing person.

However, the cost related to doula training and certification often make the work inaccessible to potential birth workers of color. The average cost for a doula to become trained, certified and ready to work are about $2,000.

Help us get more doulas of color working *AND* able to be compensated for this important, demanding work.

100 percent of funds raised will cover costs related to training, certification and registration for doulas who have been working with, or are committed to working with, Medicaid clients through Everyday Miracles.

Choose your amount - between $10 and $500. All amounts help! Thank you for your commitment to better birth for all families. Peace on earth begins with birth!